The Ultimate Guide to Empowering Others

Hey! Hope you are enjoying my site and getting to know me a little bit through my posts! I am still so new to blogging and would love any tips or feedback you have for me. Hopefully, you are coming to find out how passionate I am about encouraging and empowering others. That is one of my main goals here at Uninvincible Mom, and I hope to not only empower you, but to encourage you to do the same for others! The list below is a great place to start! Sometimes, the smallest effort on our part can have a huge impact on another person. It really takes such minimal effort to make a difference in someone’s day, which can lead to a difference in their life. I hope that you find this list helpful and easy to implement right away. There is no way to feel more empowered yourself than by empowering someone else!

Ultimate Guide to Empowering Others. Amazing ways to encourage and support those around you.

1. Smile at Everyone!

This is a super easy one. Smiles are contagious, right? It is basically impossible for me to keep a straight face when I look at someone, especially if that person smiles at me! Just by smiling, our mood is lifted. Think of how much more smoothly your day goes when you are in a good mood and have a more optimistic outlook. Why not share that with as many people as you can?! Smiling at another person can easily encourage them to feel connected with you and the world around them. That, to me, is super empowering!

2. Spread the Compliments Thick

What was the last compliment you received? With so much diversity among us, I am sure there is a plethora of answers to that question. However, one thing probably remains the same: it boosted your confidence! In a world where it is so easy to bash others for being different, why not celebrate those qualities instead? Tell someone something you like about them. Compliment their hair, clothes, face, personality – anything that stands out to you. Promote self-love and spread kindness everywhere you can. Bonus: you will feel better for it as well!

3. Listen

Empowering others doesn’t have to be difficult. It seems like such a rarity these days to find someone who will just listen. Not wait for an opportunity to talk, not try to give advice where they have no experience, but really listen and hear what you are saying. Be that for someone! Try taking some time today to hear someone out. Don’t worry about having a reply, trust their ability to problem solve and make decisions on their own. It can mean the world to someone simply to have their feelings validated and acknowledged. Everyone needs a person they can come to without judgment and just be heard.

Ultimate Guide to Empowering Others. Amazing ways to encourage and support those around you.

4. Be a Friend

Ask questions like, “How was your day today?” and BE GENUINELY INTERESTED IN THE ANSWER! This can’t be stressed enough. When you have someone who truly cares about you, it validates you SO much as a human being. Show someone that the details of their daily life are important and worth talking about. Learn as much as you can about them. Make it known that their uniqueness is recognized and cherished!

5. Encourage Others

When I asked Jim what comes to mind when he wants to empower others, his thoughts immediately went to his employees and the pep talks he gives before a busy or hard day at work. He specifically recalled a time where they were so pumped up about the day ahead that they got done an insane amount of work in an unrealistically short period of time. Encouraging others is a great way of empowering others! Whether it concerns accomplishing goals or lifting someone’s mood, no amount of encouragement is too much. Send someone a quick text today that they can tackle the day (or specific task) ahead and that they are awesome! Let them know that you believe they are capable of doing the things outside of their comfort zone even though they are still unsure of this capability. It takes such little time and effort to build someone up!

6. Make Mistakes

How is this relevant? Stay with me here! By boldly walking in your mistakes, without carrying around shame, you are empowering others to do the same. So many people in this day and age try to project the perfect life. It is encouraged to hide any flaws or imperfections, which is totally unrealistic. We all make mistakes. If you are like me, you make lots of them! The key is to keep moving forward without beating yourself up. This allows you to learn from them and grow into a better person, which in turn inspires others to stop placing unrealistic expectations on their journey and use their setbacks to their advantage.

7. Be Gracious

Piggy-backing off of our last point: allow others to make mistakes and bad choices. Love them anyway. Spread forgiveness and let them know that they are always worth loving. When I make mistakes or bad choices, I can be pretty hard on myself. I think it is safe to say that we feel bad enough on our own, without having others add to our guilt or shame. Let the confidence rebuild, and refrain from tearing someone down even more. Make sure that you have an abundance of grace to give away at all times! Easier said than done sometimes, right? Keep practicing! We are all a work in progress, so remember to be gentle with yourself as well.

Ultimate Guide to Empowering Others. Amazing ways to encourage and support those around you.

8. Offer Reassurance

Have you ever gotten a compliment in the dressing room? This is secretly one of my absolute favorite social situations. Imagine: A girl walks out of her dressing room, totally unsure of how amazing she looks in the gorgeous dress she is trying on. Reassure her that the choice she made was a good one! It isn’t always easy walking out of a dressing room and into an audience. It takes a leap of faith to come out rocking that dress! Clothing related or not, sometimes people just need to hear that others back their decisions. Especially when there is a hard choice involved or it is something that they have been struggling with for a long time. If you have the opportunity, let someone know that you admire them for making that tough decision. Empowering others can be as simple as saying something they needed to hear.

9. Acknowledge Hard Work

It’s really a great feeling to receive recognition for something that you poured yourself into. A simple acknowledgement (“looks great!”) can go a long way. Sometimes, completing a task is no small feat. To know that we are appreciated and our effort wasn’t wasted can push us forward and empower us to keep using and improving our skills. Tell someone how proud you are! It may be the only time they hear it.

10. Teach

Nothing is more empowering than learning a new skill. Is there something you are good at that you could pass along to a friend? Rather than doing something for someone, teach them to do it. This can be something as simple as offering to show someone how to use Microsoft Word, or something extravagant like teaching them to sew their own clothes. Either way, they will walk away with an amazing sense of accomplishment. Self-sufficiency is powerful!

11. Help Complete a Daunting Task

Did you ever have something hanging over your head? The house needs to be remodeled, the entire bedroom needs to be reorganized, the nursery needs to be put together, etc… Offer to lend a hand to someone who is feeling overwhelmed. The weight lifted off of their shoulders when the task is complete will be immensely freeing. You will both walk away feeling like you made an impact and ready to take on the next challenge.

12. Support through Hardships

I have this incredibly strong and admirable woman in my life, Christina. She is one of my closest friends and my son absolutely adores her. Unfortunately, one of the things that drew us so close was my willingness and ability to show up for her while she battled cancer. It broke my heart to see the struggles she was so bravely facing, yet inspired me to be the best version of myself and to cherish the time we got to spend together – whether it was in a living room or a hospital room. She has often told me how much our friendship meant to her throughout that process, as well as the joy that watching my son grow has brought to her life. Thankfully, after an amazingly long and difficult journey, she is almost back to full strength and health. Christina is a great example of empowering others, even when she isn’t actively trying! It has been one of my greatest blessings getting to know her and building our friendship over the years.

Ultimate Guide to Empowering Others. Amazing ways to encourage and support those around you.

13. Love Unconditionally

Create a safe space for someone to unabashedly be who they are. Embrace their quirks, imperfections, and qualities both good and bad. Appreciate the value they bring to your life simply by enjoying their presence. Allow them the liberating feeling of being accepted and loved without obligation or restriction.

14. Share the Impact

Let someone know how much they mean to you. Go out of your way to make a phone call or write a letter that shares the impact and value someone has in your life. Let this person know how they have affected you. This will encourage them to do the same for others and know how appreciated they are. It might be just what they need to hear!

15. Be Honest

I’m a big fan of honesty. I don’t even like white lies, let alone lying by omission. One of the greatest ways to practice respecting and empowering others, in my opinion, is by being honest. Don’t try to protect their feelings or make decisions for them regarding the truth. Respect them enough to share knowledge and opinions freely – when asked or when appropriate.

16. Trust Them!

I posted on my personal Facebook page asking people when they have felt most empowered. One of my best and longest friends, Jackie, responded with this answer. It is a great honor to know someone has placed their trust in you. There are many different ways to do this. One way you can show your trust for someone is by placing them in a position of power or great responsibility; maybe you are willing to take a chance on an employee or someone you mentor, or you feel confident leaving your child in another person’s care. This can be huge for someone with feelings of inadequacy surrounding these situations. Another way to display trust is simply to confide in someone. You may not even realize the impact you are having by opening up and sharing something personal with them – they may then be encouraged to be vulnerable and courageous because of the display of faith you showed.

Ultimate Guide to Empowering Others. Amazing ways to encourage and support those around you.

17. Pray for Someone

A wonderful way to empower someone is to lift them up in prayer. If you know of someone facing a hardship, let them know you are (or will be) praying for them. If you are really feeling bold, take a minute of your time to pray with them right then and there. Hearing the well wishes and desires of good things that you have for this person will be a huge blessing to them. Whether or not they are believers, most people will welcome the idea of prayer and are greatly encouraged by it.

18. Be Yourself

I believe that this is the most perfect example of empowering others: To be yourself, unapologetically. Live in your truth, accept your flaws, continuously grow and learn and change. Don’t worry about what people think. Love yourself unconditionally. Embrace the things that make you unique. Follow your dreams. Make mistakes. Be vulnerable and authentic. Remember that another person’s beauty isn’t the absence of your own. Set out to make your life and the lives of those around you a safer, better, more beautiful place. This will, by principle, allow others to do the same.

I am confident that you found at least one way you can start empowering others immediately. Please share in the comments which of these methods you are encouraged to go out and try, and let me know how it goes! I would also love to see some of your suggestions for empowering others. Thank you for being awesome and reading my post, I hope you will consider subscribing, too!

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