End of Summer Service Projects

Looking for a service project to end the summer with a bang? This is an amazing way to do something for your community and get your entire family involved in service. I’d like to point out that big service projects aren’t my norm. I prefer to serve others on a smaller scale basis and try to incorporate loving others in my every day life. Maybe I feel like I don’t have a ton of time or the finances to really dedicate to be successful in these larger projects, and maybe you have felt like that, too! I am currently right in the middle of my first time organizing (rather than just participating in) a service project and am finding that it isn’t nearly as time consuming, expensive, or scary as I thought. I wanted to share how easy it is, because I’m sure you already know how important it is for you and your family to be involved in service. Check out these three awesome end of summer service projects, and see how many people you can get on board with you along the way!

What better way to end the summer than with a service project? Helping others is the perfect way to bring some sunshine with you into fall!

Back to School

What could be better than giving children the confidence to learn? That is exactly what being equipped with the appropriate school supplies will do for them! Imagine being a child on your first day of school. Not only do you not have the latest, coolest gear like some of your friends or peers, but your family couldn’t afford even the bare necessities. How do you feel? Embarrassed, anxious, out of place? What kind of learning environment is that for a child?

It is so easy to host a back to school supply drive (even if you can’t afford to spend any money), or to spend a few dollars to donate supplies to a family in need. There are many great ways to donate and amazing charities to partner with. Consider donating new or used school supplies, school clothes, sports gear, or just donate money toward the goal of whichever charity you choose. I’d suggest checking out any charity that you plan to work with beforehand at CharityNavigator.org to make sure they are legit and that the money is going where it is supposed to.

What better way to end the summer than with a service project? Helping others is the perfect way to bring some sunshine with you into fall!

Or, you can subscribe to my email list below for a step-by-step email course on hosting your own Back to School Supply Drive! It really is simple, and SO fulfilling. My toddler was so excited to get people to “help the kids” and pick out supplies at the store. The course includes useful tips, a sample supply list, and even an email template to use as a reference when reaching out to the school or district you hope to work with. It is broken down into a simple three step process, and you will receive one step each day for three days starting the moment you subscribe. Sign up for the free and easy to follow course here:



What kid doesn’t want to host a lemonade stand?! You probably figured out that I’m going to go the “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” route here. This is on our bucket list for sure, as my son gets a little bit older. Keep the spirit of summer alive in it’s last month (while the weather is still perfect) by dolling out the lemonade and accepting donations to further the research and prevention of pediatric cancer.

You can register to host your lemonade stand on the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s website. You will also find there the story of Alex — the little girl who, at just 4 years old and in the midst of her own battle against cancer, decided she wanted to do what she can to make sure that other children get the help they needed as well. This is surely going to be a hit in the neighborhood and I bet you guys will not only have a blast raising money for a worthy cause, but will inspire others to do so as well!

What better way to end the summer than with a service project? Helping others is the perfect way to bring some sunshine with you into fall!


Ice Bucket Challenge

This last one is where I encourage you to get creative! Do you remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years ago? If not, I’ll brief you — you were supposed to pour a bucket of ice water over your head, take a video, and post it to Facebook, tagging and encouraging others to do the same. The alternative to dousing yourself in freezing cold water was to donate $100 to the ALS Association. You can learn more about the challenge and the huge impact it had on raising awareness and the influx of contributions that followed on the ALSA website!

Now, you are more than welcome to revive this challenge or donate to this cause, both of which would be totally great things to do! The other option, though, is to find a cause near and dear to your heart that may need some awareness and create your own challenge! Examples could be:

High dive challenge – jump off the high dive at your local pool (or jump from a landing at a natural water source in your area)
Water balloon challenge – let your kids bombard you with water balloons
Water gun challenge – try to knock something over or hit a target with a water gun
Popsicle recipe challenge – create a new flavor
Ice cream cone challenge – time yourself eating an ice cream cone

I’m sure you could come up with many other summer themed challenge ideas! Those were just off the top of my head. And really, it could be whatever kind of challenge you want, but this post is all about getting into service these last few weeks of summer! This service project is a great one because it is free, fun, and has the potential to go viral and reach millions of people! Of course, I’d recommend donating to the charity you plan to create a challenge for as well. Your children will love the fact that they get to participate in the challenge, and will see how fun it can be to go out of their way for others! Don’t forget to include a video (or something else catchy) for social media and choose a number of people to tag to set the precedent!

What better way to end the summer than with a service project? Helping others is the perfect way to bring some sunshine with you into fall!

Choose Your Service Project

Completing a service project with your children in these final weeks of summer will have a lasting impact, and it is a great precedent to a new family tradition! What better way to end summer vacation than by making a difference in the lives of others? Taking on a service project now will help get your family back into organization mode, reconnect with anyone you may have lost touch with over months of vacations and schedule changes, and keep you feeling good even as the sun begins shining less! Don’t forget to grab the free email course to guide you through the process of hosting your own Back to School Supply Drive! It is easily adaptable if you were hoping to host a different drive as well. I’d love to hear all about any project you are currently working on or are inspired to try in the comments below or via email!

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    • I agree! Confidence means everything for a child in the classroom, and there is no way they will have any if they are feeling worried and embarrassed. Every child deserves the best opportunity possible!

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