Mommy and Me Subscription Boxes to Help Keep Your Priorities Straight

You know what I found to be an awesome way to remind me what is important and keep me (and my son!) excited and encouraged to continue prioritizing the right things? Subscription boxes! For me, it is the monthly reminder to practice self-care that is so important. For my toddler, I am prioritizing the development of a strong love for books. Each month we receive our own subscription boxes that help us achieve these goals, and give us a new reason to be excited and encouraged to continue to keep these priorities at the top of our list!

Find out how subscription boxes help us keep our priorities in check! Mommy and me subscription boxes: IPSY and Bookroo!

Mommy’s Subscription Box

As I mentioned, the priority I chose to focus on for myself is self-care. This is an area where us moms can really struggle. We put everyone else above ourselves and make sure their needs and wants are met, and then maybe take some time to focus on our own needs if we get that far on the daily to-do list (and let’s be honest–who actually gets to the bottom of the daily to-do list?).

How Does A Subscription Box Help With Self-Care?

One way that I like to practice self-care is to take time to focus on my appearance every so often. It is amazing how much better I feel when I set aside a few minutes to make sure I am looking my best — even if that just means putting on some Chapstick and throwing bobby pins in my hair. Since I don’t do this every day, when I do make the time, it’s a treat! Especially when I have the time to fully do my hair and makeup.

I seem to go through periods where I will do my hair and makeup every day for five days straight, but then take ten days off! Does this happen to you? I decided to ask for a subscription to IPSY for mother’s day this year in one of my “daily makeup” periods, and I’m SO glad I did. Now every month I get an exciting reminder that it is important and fun to take that time for myself. And it works for me! I see all the new products and am eager to start trying them out. For me, it isn’t just about getting makeup in the mail; it’s about remembering that what I need and want is important, and that I have to make time to pursue it! I will be a better woman and mother because of it.

Find out how subscription boxes help us keep our priorities in check! Mommy and me subscription boxes: IPSY and Bookroo!

Why THIS Subscription Box?

The IPSY subscription box has been an amazing way to keep me motivated and excited about making that time for myself! There are plenty of other subscription boxes out there focused on cosmetics, but in my Googling I have found that IPSY provides the best bang for your buck. Every month I receive a (super cute) package in the mail containing a makeup bag with five beauty products inside. So far I have gotten three, and here is what I have accumulated so far:

  • 3 eyeshadows
  • 3 eyeliners (two liquid, one solid)
  • 2 nail polishes
  • 1 blender brush
  • 1 concealer
  • 1 lotion
  • 1 facial cleanser
  • 1 liquid lipstick
  • 1 lip treatment
  • 1 lip and cheek mousse

This box is DEFINITELY worth the $10/month so far. Of the 15 products I received, 8 of them have been full size. The samples are generous as well. I haven’t tried everything, but I’ve had a great experience so far. There were a few products I LOVED, like the Make Up For Ever black eyeliner, City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow, and So Susan blender brush. There were also some things I wasn’t crazy about (like the colors of the nail polish, the Cougar Beauty Products 24 Hour Liquid Lipstick). I actually just re-did my entire profile and am excited to see what new products they send my way! Yes, you create your own profile that documents your hair, eye, and skin tones along with some of the brands you like and your personal taste when it comes to products and color schemes.

I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to IPSY, or that you get on their waiting list if you can! Invest in your self-care!

Toddler’s Subscription Box

And now to share with you the latest tactic I’ve found to get my toddler even more excited about reading!

Find out how subscription boxes help us keep our priorities in check! Mommy and me subscription boxes: IPSY and Bookroo!

How Can A Subscription Box Help With That?

I’m glad you asked! You may have heard about the Parenting Super Bundle that was making it’s way around the blogging world — an AMAZING resource for parents in every stage (it’s true, I bought one myself and can vouch for that). Through purchasing, I received a free month each of two different subscription boxes. One of those subscription boxes was Bookroo–a company I had never heard of before. After reading a little about it, I was super excited for it to come so I could share that excitement with my son as well. It definitely worked, he was thrilled!

Bookroo is a monlthy subscription box that will send you three board books (or two picture books, depending on what you choose), wrapped up like presents and shipped right to your front door! For a child, I can imagine it feels a little bit like a birthday. My son was elated that a package was actually for him, and was eager to open his “surprises.” I made an extra big deal about the books to boost up the excitement, but since he already loves when we read together he was happy to see what these new books would be about!

What Kind of Books Do They Send?

Bookroo works hard to provide families with hidden gems, rather than the more popular children’s books that likely already fill their shelves. They have a panel of 12 families (with a total of 22 children) who rate each book and of those, the ones with the best scores are sent out. You can read more about their book choosing process on their website! We decided to go with the three board books per month geared toward 0-2 year olds for my two year old the first time (as opposed to the two picture books geared toward ages 2-6). We have only received one monthly box so far, but I’ll tell you what books were included:

  • My First Letters Book by Stephanie Meyers – We are right in the midst of learning letters and accumulating some learning supplies for the upcoming school year over here, so this book found a happy home right away!
  • I Can Dance by Betsy Snyder – I honestly wasn’t crazy about this book right away because I thought it was going to be all about ballet. My original thought process was that I wished that it was more relevant to my two year old boy. In retrospect, I was totally projecting (I was a tomboy and ballet lasted maybe one class). Either way, this would have been a totally educational and fun book, but I was wrong and it actually covers many different types of dance! Bonus: my son thought it was hilarious his fingers looked like their legs (see the picture for clarification).
  • To The Rescue by Kate Riggs – My first impression of this book was that it was pretty skimpy — there were only about 7 words for every two pages. However, it was easy to see as we read that there was plenty of opportunity to add in some learning and imagination! My son asked me to read this book six times in a row within minutes of opening our Bookroo box! And it would have been more if I didn’t cut him off at six in order to get some other stuff done.

We were incredibly happy with the book choices they sent our way. We are also excited to check out the new feature they added, extension activities, which are additional, related online activities intended to help your child apply these books to real life.

Find out how subscription boxes help us keep our priorities in check! Mommy and me subscription boxes: IPSY and Bookroo!

Which Subscription Boxes Are For You?

Are you considering making a commitment to any subscription boxes in the near future? Or maybe you are already subscribed? I’d love to hear all about your favorite box! Let me know in the comments section or shoot me an email by subscribing below.

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