A Nursery That Grows With Your Child

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Hey mama! Are you tasked with building or upgrading your child’s nursery? Maybe you have noticed that your toddler’s room will have to be much different than the baby’s room you envisioned. In both cases, though, everything should be safe, age-appropriate, and easily accessible. It is easy to get caught up in making a nursery “adult-sized,” so that everything is more convenient for you, as the parent, to take care of them. I almost fell into this trap myself, but luckily things didn’t go as I planned (thank God!), and I was able to re-direct after some more Pinteresting! Take a look at how I made a nursery that grows with my son!

Designing (or redesigning) your child's nursery? Make sure that you use these tips to create a nursery that grows with your child into a toddlerhood and beyond!

The Virtual Tour

So, I’m going to get really vulnerable with you guys here and post a video! It is something way out of my comfort zone so this is a big deal for me. I hope that you at least find it useful after all the stress that led up to me actually hitting post!

I decided to go with a video because I don’t think that pictures really do the layout of the room justice. It’s not a huge room so I wanted to give an accurate depiction of our setup. Now, you will find many cuter, better organized, and more extravagant nurseries on the internet. And there is definitely some real life stuff going on–hello no blinds and a closet usefulness rating of 0–but I thought that it could help others so I decided to get past the ego stuff and just go ahead with the post anyway. I also feel that if I expect my readers to get authentic with me and respond to my emails, I need to be willing to go out of my way to do the same and reveal a little more of myself. Without further ado:

Building A Nursery That Grows

Keep reading for some key points to have in the forefront of your mind when designing a nursery that grows with your child!

Who It’s For

The main thing to keep in mind is that this room is for your child. This is a space where they will live, learn, and grow. It should be geared toward your child’s specific needs and should be 100% safe and accessible for him or her. Notice how everything in my son’s room is easy for him to reach and manipulate on his own. That his artwork is displayed along the walls and furniture, and that there are spaces for him to use his imagination and foster creativity. It is important for children to have independence and creative freedom. Make this a space where they can explore safely, which will in turn create a great foundation for confidence and self-esteem!

Designing (or redesigning) your child's nursery? Make sure that you use these tips to create a nursery that grows with your child into a toddlerhood and beyond!


Furniture that Grows

If you watched the video, you know that each piece of furniture has the capability to evolve to fit the shifting needs of a growing child. To ensure you have a nursery that grows, you also need furniture that grows!

  • Changing table/dresser combo – First used as a changing table, diaper station, and filled with newborn clothes, bibs, burp clothes, and other baby necessities. As a toddler dresser it is now filled up with bigger clothes and the top is used for extra storage. This exact changing table doesn’t have the best reviews on Amazon, but the only issue we had with it was easily fixed by proper installation. It has held up great with normal use these two years for us so far! You can always look into other options, but this one fell in our price range and matched the look and features we were going for.
  • Glider – As I mentioned in the video, this glider was perfect for nursing a newborn. Now it is perfect for rocking my sick toddler or sitting and reading together. Gliders are always useful, whether it remains in the nursery, another bedroom, or the living room. And if you find you no longer have any use for it, they sell well in Facebook groups!
  • Bookcase – We are currently using it for toy storage, but it can easily be used to store tons of other things as my child grows — books or not!
  • Convertible Crib – This one may be pretty obvious. Our son’s crib turns into a toddler bed, day bed, and later into a full size bed! The toddler rail was included, but we will need to purchase the full size conversion rail when the time comes. This allows for many years of use from one product!
  • Book Shelves” – This is in quotations because they aren’t actually book shelves, they are spice racks! I have seen many people hopping on the trend and loved it myself, so we went for it. I think it turned out great, and like I said, it is my favorite part of the nursery. This is where the ‘nursery that grows’ can get tricky. Obviously, these bookshelves are in one place and used for one thing (they are nailed into the walls at that low height). I still believe that this is a valuable feature that will be useful as the room evolves. It can always be used for book storage, or depending what other hobbies or interests my son develops we can find a way to tweak it to fit in. It is a focal point of the room so it can always be used to display art, decals, or any other decor/theme my son chooses as he grows!

Designing (or redesigning) your child's nursery? Make sure that you use these tips to create a nursery that grows with your child into a toddlerhood and beyond!

Toys and Extras that Grow

A nursery that grows with your child should also contain a few toys and other products that can grow with your child. Some may only last a few years, but others could go off to college when your little one is not so little anymore! We try to keep this in mind when buying new things, but don’t always hit the mark. It’s all a learning process!

  • Ball Pit – I could see this lasting at least a few more years, especially if we invest in some new and improved balls. I remember loving my ball pit when I was younger! I have concrete memories so I was at least 6 before we got rid of ours. Plus there are so many other fun learning games that you can play with the balls, and imaginative ways to play with the train!
  • Car Map Area Rug – I see this easily being used until age 5+ since my son is just starting to get into cars. There is so much variety in terms of what kind of vehicles you can use (boats, planes, action figures, trains). It is one of my little man’s go-to toys first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, this rug is no longer available through Amazon where I bought it, but I will definitely keep you posted if it returns!
  • Dry Erase Board – This is a perfect example of something he could take off to college some day! Right now, we use it for magnets and learning our letters, numbers, animals, and even a few stories (like the nativity)! As our son grows, he can use it as an easel for dry erase marker art, and then for organizational or school purposes! Come to think of it, our file sorter turned puzzle storage could head off to college with him some day too!

Designing (or redesigning) your child's nursery? Make sure that you use these tips to create a nursery that grows with your child into a toddlerhood and beyond!

Does Your Child Have A Nursery That Grows?

I’d love to see your pictures or hear your ideas, so please drop some in the comments below or email me! And if you have any great ideas about what to do with that tiny mess of a closet we have going on, I’m all ears!!

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