15 Must-Have Christian Children’s Books

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I don’t know about you, but we LOVE reading over here. I try my best to share my love for reading with my son because I can clearly see the benefits it has had in my life, and I think I am doing a great job so far because he is always asking people to read to him! Children’s books break things down in a way that little ones can better visualize and understand–a way that we may not be able to come up with on our own or in the heat of the moment. They are especially great to familiarize your child with concepts, characters, stories, and anything else right from birth. If you are struggling to find a way to introduce your little one to Christianity, or just want some supplemental reading to help with age-appropriate communication, you’ll definitely want to check out these Christian children’s books!

Christian children's books are an amazing resource for introducing your little ones to Christ from a very early age. Check out these 15 must-haves!

When picking out Christian children’s books, you want to make sure that they are truly aligned with the Bible. I usually just flip through them in the store before purchasing or try to preview them online before buying (keep in mind you could always return them if you find that you disagree with something inside). If you aren’t sure, you can always go ahead and do some research of your own and read the stories directly from your Bible that you are planning on purchasing, or compare the two after buying before deciding whether you are going to keep or return it. These are all books that I have found to be aligned with scripture. And if you are looking for some more easy ways to incorporate faith into your child’s daily life, make sure to check out this post!

Bible Collections

These are the Christian children’s books meant to resemble the Bible itself. It takes some of the most age-appropriate stories for little ones and breaks them down into a page (or a few pages) in a language they can understand. One of the best qualities I have found is that some of them include images that go a little more in-depth than the words, so that as they grow you can explain more about what is going on in the story (this book does that). Here are the ones that we have and love so far!

Individual Bible Stories

These books go a little more in-depth than the collections. This provides a good chance for elaborating and really familiarizing your children with certain stories or aspects of God’s character. Next on my list is to find a good one about the Holy Spirit (I’d love to know if you have any suggestions in the comments below!!). We are still working on building up our individual story collection, but this is what we have so far:

Not Strictly Bible Stories

These Christian children’s books aren’t direct paraphrases or translations of scripture, but rather more imaginative stories. Some of them are examples of Christianity and some of them talk about God and can easily be applied to Christianity. We have really enjoyed them all!


There is nothing more important to me around the holidays than making sure my son understands the real reason why we are celebrating. I’m pretty extra when it comes to holidays, so of course we have all of the fun, frilly stuff too, but I go out of my way to make it clear that Christ is the reason for our celebration. We only have a few holidays covered so far, but this is what we love!

P.S. The ones we use for Valentine’s Day are any of the books mentioned above that talk about God’s love for us.



What Are Your Favorite Christian Children’s Books?

I’d love to hear which books you use to teach your little one about Jesus! Drop a comment here, shoot me an email, or head over to our Facebook community for stay at home Christian moms!

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