12 Best Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

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If you are anything like me, there is no way that you are going to wait until next year to start buying presents for your little one, even if people are telling you it’s crazy to get them anything at this age. I was SO excited for my son’s first Christmas, and probably overdid it a little (that’s why we plan to go clutter free this Christmas!). Honestly, I’d do it again. There is no joy like giving, and there is no harm in buying things for your little one that you’d be buying eventually anyway. So here are our tried and true gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas! P.S. I have an Active Toddler Gift Guide as well if that better suits what you are looking for.

12 classic and well-loved toys sure to make your baby's first Christmas fun and exciting for your little one!


Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

This was one of my son’s favorite toys, and has always been a hit with other kids who came over to play! It used to soothe him in the car, which was really helpful because he HATED the car. The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy was a great distraction with the lights and music!



Foam Bath Letters

These were great for my son in and out of the bath–like in the pool, water table, or even just right on the floor of the living room. We used them for playing, learning, and even teething! Foam bath letters are perfect for baby’s first Christmas no matter how many months they are.



Crawl Along Drums

This is still one of my little man’s favorite toys as a toddler! He loves his drums. Maybe because mommy also has her own real set of bongos. The Fisher Price crawl along drums are great because they grow with your child, and I am a huge fan of things like that (check out our nursery that grows)! First they can be used as an incentive to crawl because they roll, and as your child gets older they can drum away with or without the music.


Shape Sorter

A timeless toy that is great for helping children hit age-appropriate developmental milestones and learn early puzzle solving skills! Would it really be Baby’s first Christmas without a Baby’s First Blocks Shape Sorter?!




It is never too early to introduce your little one to music! It is very easy to learn simple songs like “Joy to the World,” and start developing their ear for different notes and tune. My son loved when I could make real music on his xylophone, and I loved hearing his enthusiastic bangs!



We have the green version of this Infantino Topsy Turtle Mirror Pal. My little guy didn’t really take to any particular toy, but this was by far his favorite for a few months–his beloved Tommy Turtle! The feet have rattles and crinkle noises, and there is a mirror on the belly. Clearly, you can hang it, but we took it with us on the go.




Oballs are designed to help with dexterity and fine motor skills, which was a huge plus for me. We chose an Oball like the one pictured, with a rattle component, which came in handy to encourage shaking and crawling after it! We also love the Oball Helicopter and Rattle & Roll Car!



Stacking Rings

Another classic! Great way for babies to start learning. You can use the Rock-a-Stack to introduce practice motor skills, colors, and introduce the concept of size! What a great gift to give for baby’s first Christmas!



Soft Blocks

My little man loved this Infantino Squeeze and Stack Block Set! I wanted something that actually came with enough pieces to build with but didn’t cost an arm and a leg. These fit the bill and provided many play opportunities for baby and daddy. Jim took it as a personal challenge to stack as many of the baby’s toys into his block tower as he could! We also loved the Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks for a change of texture and added fun!


Soft Toy

These are the toys meant to go everywhere with your little one. You could get a lovey (we got the football one pictured that also came with a football shaped, super soft blanket!), a rattle (my son really took to this Sully from Monster’s INC soft rattle which also came with a cute blanket), a blanket, or whatever else you think your child would love.



Teething Rings

There are so many great teethers out there these days! We liked the Nuby IcyBite Key (pictured) because we could put it in the freezer and cold was one of the things that helped our little guy best when his teeth were hurting (check out the amazing Tooth Soother Smoothie recipe here!).



Play Mat

If your little one doesn’t have a play mat already, I highly recommend the Bright Starts Sunny Safari mat! I loved that there was so much space for toys and it was high enough that the longer hanging toys weren’t right in his face and he could still pull, shake, or otherwise interact with them. It was also great that it could fit right into the pack n’ play if I didn’t want him in the middle of the living room. The Bright Starts mat came with some great toys for playing and teething, and my son especially loved the mirror for tummy time! It also came with a tummy time pillow which we got great use out of, and we could attach toys to that as well. We also had an Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit which my son used to first roll over. However, the Bright Starts mat can be velcro-ed into a confined space and would make for a ball pit just as good as the Infantino one, so if I had to do it over again I’d probably just stick with one!


Shopping for Baby’s First Christmas?

I’d love to hear all about your baby’s first Christmas! I hope that you found some awesome ideas here and can’t wait to hear which toys you bought. Don’t forget to check out these 13 Awesome Indoor Toys for Active Toddlers if you have an older child (or at least one to shop for)! Let me know in the comments below which toys were the biggest hit for your little one!

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