Choosing The Best Baby Shower Gift

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Have you ever struggled to find a baby shower gift that would actually be useful for the mom-to-be? Being a mom, with lots of mom friends, I know how different every baby is and that we wind up not needing or using half of the stuff we registered for. However, I also know how frustrating and overwhelming it was as first time parents to not have everything we thought we needed at the time. So, here’s your official guide to buying a baby shower gift that will be immensely appreciated, and also a few tips on what to avoid!

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Check out these five gift ideas that are sure to be useful and loved!

Best Baby Shower Gifts

If you really want to give the BEST baby shower gift, you should accept the fact that it won’t always be the most eye-catching or extravagant gift at the party. Most of the time, the gifts that are loved most are the ones that are most useful — those that will save money or time, or will in some other way make life a little easier. They may not be the most glamorous gifts, but they will ultimately be the most appreciated. They may not get the biggest smiles and loudest applause at the shower, but they will be the ones working behind the scenes saving tears and frustration when the precious new baby is here! That is what to look for when you really want to deliver value.


This is surely a given, but read on if you just aren’t convinced you can get away with bringing a box of diapers as your gift! I can’t stress enough how much it meant to us to have boxes of diapers stacked up. We only needed to venture out for one box of diapers until my son hit size 3! Knowing how stressful it was to keep track of everything else baby needed in those first few months, this was a huge lifesaver. I can now look back and appreciate this gift more than anything else!

We loved Pampers Swaddlers, but we used tons of different kinds from the shower and never had a problem with any of them, thank God. The best thing about diapers is that many stores will take unopened boxes and willingly exchange them for a different brand or size with no receipt! This makes it easy for parents if their child can only use a certain brand or had too many boxes in the same size. Double check with the stores in your area (I believe Babies R Us and Target do this in my area). If you’d like to accompany your diapers with a box of wipes, we loved the gentleness and texture of Huggies Natural Care wipes!

Diapers are a great baby shower gift for three reasons: 1) It saves money. Diapers are a necessity, something the parent would need to spend money on either way. 2) It saves time. Parents can enjoy more time with their little one rather than have to make an emergency trip to the store because they ran out of diapers. 3) They will never be wasted. Since you can exchange them for another brand or size, the new parents will get use out of them whether or not you chose the correct kind! Bonus: sometimes there is a diaper raffle at the shower and you are entered for a chance to win a prize just for bringing your gift!

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Check out these five gift ideas that are sure to be useful and loved!

Something From The Registry

As I mentioned in the beginning paragraph, it can be really stressful as expecting parents not to have everything you think you need. One great way to give the gift of peace of mind is to purchase something from the registry, the bigger the better! And by bigger, I just mean the more important — which can sometimes be the most expensive (think crib, dresser, carseat, stroller, high chair). A great way to do this is to get a few family members or friends who will be attending the shower to pitch in together for a bigger ticket item.

If you don’t have a huge budget or anyone willing to go in with you for a bigger item, smaller items are great too! I personally like to buy the small things that are still important (thermometer, sheets, bottles). These are things that the new parents will definitely need, but that others aren’t always jumping to buy since they aren’t “glamorous gifts.” However, the parents will appreciate not having to buy all these things for themselves when the shower is over! Make sure that whatever you decide to buy, it is a necessity. There were tons of things on my registry that even we knew we didn’t need when it came down to spending our own money!

Something Sentimental

If you do decide to go off the registry, make sure it is for someone that you know well, so you know their taste and what is important to them. If you truly know that they would really love something, by all means go off track and get it! This is especially true for customizable items. You could get a special onesie made in honor of a loved one who passed away or one who is overseas, jewelry for mom with baby’s name, a toy made with baby’s heartbeat inside (if mom or dad posted the recording to Facebook!), or any of the other amazing gifts out there!

Gift Cards

This was another favorite gift. Once the shower is over, and all the gifts are done passing hands, it is likely there are a few things left unaccounted for. Gift cards are a great way to ensure that the expecting parents are able to pick what they think is really necessary to buy that they didn’t get at the shower. And hey, if everything on their registry was purchased and they feel like they have everything they need, they can buy some cute clothes and accessories or save them for later when they start running out of stuff. Win-win!

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Check out these five gift ideas that are sure to be useful and loved!

This Amazing Organizer

Finally, if you really want your baby shower gift to earn the title of being the best, you need to include this organizer. Meredith at didn’t name it the best baby shower gift for nothing! While I was a pregnant, soon to be first time mom, I came across her post on Pinterest. I decided to make one for myself, and have given them as a compliment to my gift at every shower I have attended since! I have had friends tell me how useful it was, and others saying how they had hoped I was going to make one for them as well (which I did)! This organizer was seriously a God send those first few weeks of motherhood. It was perfect to have as we were opening all of the gifts from the shower (reciepts, warranties, and manuals galore!), at the hospital during labor (to keep track of all the papers and important information), and at the first few doctor’s appointments (to help keep all of the handouts and health info organized and easy to find)! I still use a version of it now that my son is two with different categories.

What to Avoid

If you still aren’t 100% sure what you are going to give as your next baby shower gift, here are a few tips on what NOT to do to help you decide:

  • Don’t buy clothes unless you know for sure the parent will love them. The parents are likely buying or receiving a ton of clothes already, many of which may not even fit (some babies don’t fit newborn clothes, or grow out of them super quickly). There is also the possibility that you have different tastes and they will politely accept the outfits without ever using them.
  • Steer clear of anything the parents have been vocal about wanting to avoid. If there are certain brands or products (like pacifiers) that the parent doesn’t want to introduce, just don’t get it. Sometimes it can be tempting–you may have tried to avoid the pacifier and winded up needing one yourself, but they aren’t you and it is always best practice to be respectful.
  • Don’t pass up the gift receipt at checkout. There may be multiples, the product could be damaged, or the couple may need something else more urgently and not have the money for it unless they return your gift. Either way, the point of the gift is to be of maximum usefulness to the family, and getting a gift without the option of returning it is not going to be useful!

Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? Check out these five gift ideas that are sure to be useful and loved!

What Was Your Best Baby Shower Gift?

I’d love to hear about the baby shower gift that you have given and gotten the most thanks for! Or the gift that someone gave you that you absolutely loved, as well as which ones you appreciated the most. Drop by in the comments section or shoot me an email! Good luck and have fun at the shower!! Also, if this is your own baby, or you are looking for alternate ideas, feel free to check out my other post Preparing For Your Newborn: Everything You Need for a Warm Welcome, or even the 12 Best Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas!

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