13 Awesome Indoor Toys for Active Toddlers

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If your toddler is anything like mine, you are dread the days spent indoors. My son is super active with a ton of energy; You will frequently find him scaling the furniture, running as fast as he can from room to room, or attempting to jump off of the couch when we are at home. He really enjoys using his body to play, learn, and explore the world around him. As a mom working from home, I have to find ways for my son to release his energy those days I have a ton of work to do and we can’t get out of the house right away, or when the weather is less than ideal. Check out these fun indoor toys for active toddlers for those days you are stuck in the house! You can also swing by and check out the 12 best gifts for baby’s first Christmas!

These 16 indoor toys for active toddlers are sure to be a huge hit and help your little one burn off all of that excess energy when you are stuck in the house!


My son loves playing sports! He really loves when we take out his kickball, football, basketball net, or hockey/soccer net and use the living room as our play space. Since he is still so young, we haven’t had any issues with breaking or this needing to be solely an outdoors activity. It is a great way to make sure that he is getting his exercise and using those large motor skills! We will also play badminton with balloons, have an all-out sword fight, or practice his t-ball/golf swing. And hey, girls love sports, too! Check out our sports gear:



Jumping is one thing that really gets my toddler’s energy out, which is definitely what you want to look for when choosing toys for active toddlers. There are tons of fun jumping toys that can be used indoors! Our son loves jumping on the small trampolines at his friend’s house and at gym class, I wish we had the space for one! I have also had my eye on one of those ball hoppers that I loved as a kid–this one looks fun and the brand has good reviews so we ordered it for Christmas. You could also look into an indoor moon bounce if you have a large basement or other area–imagine how popular your house would become for play dates!



As I mentioned, my toddler is always climbing! It is great that he has him weekly gym class to quench some of that climbing thirst, but I wish that we had something at home that he could climb, like a foam playground, climbing tower, or a slide. These are all on our wish list:



You can’t go wrong with manual riding toys for active toddlers! They are a great way to release some energy, and you can make up some fun games or obstacle courses! Most of them can be used on rugs as well as hard floors. The ones we have that get the most love are his Cozy Coupe and Mickey Mouse 4 in 1 ride on, but all of the toddlers fight over the Little Tikes Rocking Horses at his gym class!


What Toy Does Your Active Toddler Love?

I would love for you to share in the comments below! It can be hard keeping a busy toddler entertained, so I hope that you found something here that is perfect for your little one. I also hope that you now realize how many other moms are in this with you and just trying to keep their crazy child entertained for a few minutes while we get our (house)work done!

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